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Advanced Social Media Training

Advanced Social Media Training

As the landscape of social media matures and numbers of participants reaches high levels on a global basis, Slipstream has advised clients on overarching strategy, delivery, team management, campaign planning and execution and measurement. Our clients are leading sports events and rights holders, who are driving measurable ROI through social media channels.

These experiences have allowed us to tailor a program of hands-on social media training for senior marketing teams, specialising in sports and entertainment.

This course builds on the knowledge and experiences that your team have gained working in digital and social extensively over recent years, and introduces new practical techniques, new concepts, new emerging opportunities and proven methodologies for planning and measuring.

By the end of the course your team will have a revitalised passion for what’s next in the social web, with a bucket-load of inspiration and half-formed possibilities to help your organisation beat the competition. This will be underpinned by proven practices for measuring ROI and integrating social into the wider mix of business activities.

For PR and Comms teams, this course will also include a healthy dose of practical strategy, best practice, and campaign creation.

Who should attend?
Only teams with a good to excellent general level of knowledge and expertise in digital and social

  • Marketing teams
  • PR and Communications teams
  • Advertising, PR and marketing agencies
  • Directors and heads of departments through to junior executives

How will I benefit?
Following the course our clients report the following benefits:

  • Greater willingness to harness the benefits of engagement in social
  • Better decision making around how and when to do so, leading to lower reputational risk and higher ROI
  • Stronger measurement leading to higher performance and better ongoing team learning
  • Higher levels of confidence amongst ‘digital immigrants’ and reluctant participants in social

What will I learn?

  • In-depth platform overviews (Twitter, Facebook, trends and forums)
  • Creating a content strategy
  • Creating and implementing a customer engagement strategy
  • Measurement and benchmarking


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